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Oh these funny rockstars! After their last date on the U2 tour at the Pier club, the Mayor of New York, Ed Koch, his band of bodyguards and a TV news crew popped backstage to do the dog with The Alarm. He goes up to Mike Peters, points the cameras towards the hairdo, and asks, "How can I get my hair just like that?" joke-joke. Quipped Mike: "Sir, you have to grow some first!!" Still, all this hobnobbing with politicians caught up with Peters the next day, when the band headlined their last US night at the Ritz: he was so excited, when he got offstage he passed right out! The band will be back in August to appear on American Bandstand and do an American tour of their own. You can expect a couple of British dates in October, if the Pretenders tour doesn't come up first.

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